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Data Driven SEO For Long Term Page One Rankings

What is SEO?

A solid SEO strategy will help your website climb the search engine rankings and increase traffic for the keywords that your potential customers are searching for. The Google algorithm is complex and updated frequently. At the same time as SEO companies are trying to figure out what Google wants from us, Google in turn is trying to decide what should be most important. 

This cycle is repeated almost every day creating an ever-changing landscape of what is required to rank, which is unique for every keyword. With hard data, we can analyse the SEO landscape to reverse engineer Google and see why your competition is ranking where they are. Then we “simply” have to do those things better.

No one outside of Google itself knows the exact Google ranking algorithm and there is a constant stream of misinformation put out that is either outdated or just plain wrong. At Perfect Digital, we network with the best minds in the business to stay ahead of what is working in SEO right now. The world of SEO never sits still and we are always striving to learn more and improve by continually testing and tweaking our best practices. If we work with you, you can rest assured you will be benefiting from the very latest proven SEO methods.

Every business is unique, so we devise a bespoke SEO plan for each client that enlists our services. Most commonly they will include the following areas, all of which work together in synergy: Site audit, Keyword Research, On-page Optimisation, Off-Page Optimisation, and Tracking and Reporting.

SEO Technical Audit

This is a basic website “health” check for any technical issues that may be holding it back in the search engines. We examine your website for well over 100 parameters that can cause ranking problems and have been found to be part of the Google algorithm.

Performing a technical audit and fixing any issues found is a logical first step in any SEO strategy.

Unlike other SEO factors, a site’s technical performance is completely in the owner’s control. Not dealing with these fixable technical issues can prevent a site from achieving its full ranking potential.

No matter how well the other aspects of SEO work are done, a site that has serious technical issues will never rank on the first page of Google. 

Keyword Research

Good keyword selection is vital, there is no point chasing vanity rankings with no search engine traffic, high volume unqualified traffic, or going after near impossible keywords that would be too expensive to be cost effective.

It is important to consider the intent of searches and have them align to your business goals. In most cases, you will want to get traffic for keywords that have high commercial intent, rather than informational. Are they looking to buy something or are they looking just just to find information on a topic? Are they desperate, “hungry” or passionate?

Using the best keyword tools available and advanced techniques, we conduct comprehensive research to find keywords to target that are achievable, meaningful and valuable to our clients.

On-Page SEO

For Search Engine Optimization to get results you need real information that you can make actionable decisions with. We use several analytical SEO tools on our clients’ behalf and our on-page SEO analysis centres around CORA by SEO Tool Lab, which is widely considered to be the best tool of its kind in the SEO industry. This advanced software examines over 540 known SEO factors  on your website pages and compares them to the website pages that are ranking from 100th to 1st. From here we can determine just how effective each factor is in achieving top rankings for your target keywords.  From this data, we can develop an action roadmap to improve those key areas for your website pages.

These factors will include such items as page length, keyword location and density, occurrence of semantically themed keywords, multimedia and internal link structure.

By analyzing real data from other high-ranking websites, we can create an individual development roadmap for each page for it’s target keyword(s). We match and surpass the competition’s on-page optimization, laying the foundation to also surpass them in the rankings.

Off-Page SEO

Social Media Presence and Branding

Social media presence and social signals provide important indicators to search engines that your company brand is worth paying attention to. 

Social links and traffic are a vital piece of our SEO strategy jigsaw and can often drive significant traffic in their own right.


In 2019, in most cases, backlinks are still the single most important off page ranking factor, though Google is becoming increasingly sophisticated in how they attribute value to each incoming link. In simple terms a backlink is like an endorsement from another site so the more quality external backlinks a site has the better it will rank. However, various factors determine the weight Google will assign to a particular link and how much it will influence rankings, including, but not limited to:

Backlink Factors

➡️ Domain authority of the linking site

➡️ Page authority

➡️ Trust factor

➡️ Relevancy

➡️ Link placement

➡️ Total number of links on the page

➡️ Whether the links are do follow or no follow

➡️ Anchor text

➡️ Actual amount of organic traffic passing through a link

➡️ Overall link profile

Examining high ranking sites’ link profiles is the best source of actionable data and provide valuable information on what it will take to get on to page one. Every industry (and keyword) has a different SEO landscape, so we use competitive analysis to understand the competition and devise a winning SEO strategy.

Google is very aware that people try to manipulate the rankings using backlinks and flags any links they consider unnatural (either algorithmically or through manual review). Google can discount the value of individual links, and multiple unnatural links may lead to a penalty and decrease in rankings and traffic. Our link acquisition methods are 100% safe and natural and will have long-term value to a site’s ranking regardless of Google algorithm updates.

Tracking and Reporting

SEO should be considered a long-term project, and tracking is important to see the progress being made over time and to be able to adapt methods accordingly. We track clients’ website rankings, traffic, goal conversions and backlinks and provide periodic reports. In addition, it is vital to monitor the changing environment and see what the competition is doing so we can continue to match and surpass them.

An adaptive, data driven SEO strategy is absolutely key to long term success in SEO and will provide your site with the competitive edge to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.

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