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Get Ranked In The Google 3 Pack

➡️ In Local Searches, 44% of people click on a result in the Google 3 Pack

➡️ Only 8% click to “Load More Results”. If your business is not in the 3 Pack, you are seriously missing out!

➡️ Local Searches have high buyer intent – 80% of all Local Searches go on to make a purchase

➡️ Getting into the Google 3 Pack can bring you a massive amount of traffic and potential revenue. Our Local SEO and Google Maps Optimization services can get you there

Searches with Local Intent

If you have a business which serves the local area in any way, a Google My Business listing and Google Maps Optimization is absolutely essential. All searches which Google considers to have local intent return a 3 Pack Map listing at the top of the search results, just under the paid Google Ads.

For example, if a user in Newport searches for “plumber Newport”, “plumber near me”, or even just “plumber” they will get localized search results. Google considers most services and trades that are delivered in person to have local intent, as well as all searches that include a geo-modifier.

Local searches are increasing every year and over half of all searches done on mobile platforms have local intent. It is estimated that 80% of local searches end with a purchase (Moz.com), and, according to Advanced Web Ranking, almost 50% of all local searches click on the top 3 Google Pack results.

Getting a 3 Pack result puts your business on Google’s first page and is a sure-fire way to get more customers who are ready to buy.

Get into the Google 3 Pack

It can be very valuable for a business to achieve a 3 Pack listing as it puts them front and centre on the first page of Google for targeted highly targeted search traffic in the local area. Getting in front of them could be the turning point in maximising search engine exposure for your company.

A place in the Google 3 pack is valuable online real estate and has become much sought after. Depending on the industry and location, getting a place in the 3 Pack can be fiercely competitive. However, it can also be one of the most valuable investments a business can make in its marketing strategy.

Our SEO experts take a scientific approach to Google Maps optimisation and understand the unique factors and techniques to achieve Google 3 pack status and keep you there. We love helping businesses grow with Google Maps Marketing. Get in touch to tell us about your business and see how we can help you.

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